2016 Home Tour

There have been some pretty major changes going on around here lately! Chris was offered a position at a company in a city near where our families live, so in a few short weeks we’ll be making our fifth cross-country move in seven years! We are so sad to be saying goodbye to our lovely home and wonderful friends and life in Nashville. I really thought when we moved here that Nashville would be our forever home, and while I’m very excited for our new adventure and for settling down close to family, I’m also mourning the end of a beautiful era in our life. I took some photos for our real estate listing and decided to share some of them here, too. I have LOVED living in this house. It’s small and cozy and has so much natural light. The house was built in 1945 and has all of the character that you expect of an older home. The hardwood floors were original, but have been restored beautifully! I also love the bathtub, also original to the house. It’s nice and deep and so great for baths! When we bought the house, all of the walls were painted an ugly beige color. The study actually has the original paint in it still because we never got around to painting it. We did a lot of painting and also did a major bathroom renovation and some kitchen updates. The bathroom was SO ugly when we first bought the house…it had very “vintage” concrete tile which could have been cute if it wasn’t baby blue and salmon colored. Then the walls were covered in particle board painted an awful blue color that matched the floor, and the walls of the shower had matching blue tile. It was horrid!!! I am in LOVE with our new bathroom. It’s white and pretty and peaceful. I wouldn’t change a thing about it! Chris did 100% of the work himself, including the plumbing and electrical and installing heated flooring under the marble floor tiles we used. He is good, you guys!! I feel like we JUST finished all of the renovating we planned to do on the house, and now we’re already leaving it! I’m happy to have these pictures to remind me of what a lovely little home it has been.

Also, just a note–I really do love a clean house, but it doesn’t look this clean all of the time. We are a normal family and we spend a lot of time at home so it really does get super messy! I shoved a couple of toy baskets out of the way to take pictures for the real estate listing, so don’t be fooled!! These are the pictures that will motivate me the next time my house is a disaster:)

Anyway, here we go! Our sweet little cottage.
I love the magnolia in the front yard. Chris planted the blueberry bushes to the right.
Here’s our family room. My favorite room in the house! It gets such great light all day long.
The basket by the window is filled with toys. The blanket is a decoy 😉
Our dining room table was a craigslist purchase. It was originally painted a really ugly dark brown. Once again my lovely husband worked so hard to make my white table dreams a reality!
The kitchen is pretty little. Not totally ideal for someone who loves to cook as much as I do, but I actually think the layout is super functional and it’s so easy to clean! It has also trained me to really clean as I work which was a lesson I really needed to learn.
The counters, backsplash and hardware are new. I LOVE THEM!!! Quartz counters are everything they’re cracked up to be, after all! I wanted the “white kitchen” look, but feel like the subway tile backsplash trend might be heading out soon. I don’t really care because I love subway tile, but I think the herringbone pattern is a nice design element that keeps it from looking too traditional. We also considered painting the cabinets white, or possibly a color. In the end we decided to keep them as-is. Partially because painting cabinets is so. much. work. and partially because I actually really like how they look with the other updates we made!
On to the study. This has become a really functional room for us because the boys can be looking at books on the floor or playing with toys while I make dinner and I can still see them. It has made our tiny not-open kitchen much better!
This was the room I didn’t really touch too much. I couldn’t ever make up my mind for what I wanted to do with it, so it didn’t get the attention it really deserved. Oh well.
On to the bathroom!
It’s tough to get a good picture because it’s so small, but LOOK at that beautiful tile!!! Chris put in every one of those bad boys by hand. It took forever! But I love the finished product!
Here’s the master bedroom. Leo sleeps in our bed and Charlie sleeps on a crib mattress on the floor next to our bed at night. He sleeps in his room upstairs for naps.
I wanted a greyish-blue paint color for this room. Well, we learned a hard lesson when picking the color. The first color we picked was straight up baby boy blue. BRIGHT blue. Totally not what I was going for. We painted the entire room late into the night while I was pregnant with Leo (nesting, obviously) and the very next day went back to the paint store to pick out a better color. It was that bad. We learned that we prefer neutrals colors with colored tones rather than regular colors with neutral tones…if that makes sense. So we picked a grey that had blue hues rather than a blue that looked greyish. Soooo much better. I am so challenged when it comes to picking paint colors.
Here’s our upstairs loft! We just used it for storage for the longest time, but we recently turned it into Charlie’s room. The reading nook is sweet and cozy and it is so nice for Charlie to have his own place to play and nap. Chris and I were saying how we feel like a real family now that one of our kids has his very own room, hah! I know most babies have nurseries, but we have never gotten into that type of thing. I like my babies to sleep with me. So this feels like a big step for us.

I still have to take pictures of the backyard, but it’s not quite ready yet. Anyway, there you have it! Our sweet little home. I know in a few months I will probably look at these pictures and feel sad and homesick, but I hope that eventually when we feel settled in our new home that I can look back on them with fondness. We have lived so well here and it feels so heavy to be leaving, but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles! In the meantime, if you know anyone looking to buy a house in Nashville, send them my way!

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