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So much has happened since I last sat down to blog! We sold our Nashville house pretty quickly and ended up getting slightly over asking price which was a huge blessing! As soon as we got the offer and things were rolling, we started house hunting. We ended up finding our DREAM home and location!! I am still in disbelief that the house is going to be ours. It’s the cutest little 1920s colonial that was incredibly well maintained by the previous owner. It sits on a cheery, tree-lined street and we can walk everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE! We are less than a mile from the lake, shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, the library, parks, grocery stores and a catholic church, which I am so stoked about. I can’t wait to walk to daily mass with the kids!! I had some very specific prayer intentions with this move, and God has answered all of my prayers. I am truly humbled and amazed at His goodness and generosity. This is the third house Chris and I will be buying together and it’s definitely one we can see ourselves in long-term. We still have a couple weeks before we close and it’s all official, so say some prayers that everything closes nicely on both ends!

Right now we are living with my in-laws as we wait to close on both of our houses. It has been pretty lovely! I know it sounds like I’m making that up, but I really mean it! I have loved spending time with everyone and it has been really nice to have so much help with the kids. Charlie is in heaven, he told me he never wants to move out of grandma’s house. I wouldn’t go that far, hah 😉 I am a homemaker at heart and I definitely miss having a home of my own. BUT I feel like we’ve made up for lost time after having lived far away for so long. It has been a very special time in our life and part of me will be a little sad when we move out!

Charlie is signed up for soccer in a little rec league and he loves it! The first week he did NOT want to participate, but he decided he wanted to play in his game and once he scored a goal, the rest was history. The last few weeks he has been so excited to go to soccer and it has been such a positive experience for him. I have loved having my family and my in-laws come out to his games. He definitely has the largest cheering section out of all the players on his team, haha!

Since I’ve had so much help with the kids since we moved I’ve been on a roll with some knitting projects and I’m reading the Poldark novels (SO. GOOD.) I am finishing up my first pair of socks for Chris which has been a fun project. I made a really cute little gnome hat for Leo, but I made a horrible gauge error and it was too small:(I ordered more yarn to make another one though because the pattern is really sweet and fun. I want to make a quilt once we get settled in our new house.

We went apple picking at an adorable organic orchard and have been absolutely loving fall back in the Midwest. I don’t think I realized how much I missed it here. There’s definitely a part of my heart that aches for Nashville; We had such a lovely life there. But I think this was the right move for our family and I know that better things lie ahead of us here.


One of my favorite bloggers is hosting a library haul link-up and since we just went to the library yesterday I figured I’d share some of my favorites!

Miles of Smiles is a really cute story with great illustrations about how passing smiles onto others makes the world a brighter, cheerier place. I loved how it came full circle in the end and the illustrations are so sweet.

Ask Mr. Bear
I love Marjorie Flack books, but I had never read this one. It’s so sweet! It’s about a little boy named Danny who’s trying to come up with a birthday gift for his mother. Filled with vintage charm! It’s a similar storyline to this book, another one of my favorites.

One of Each is a story about a dog who has one of everything in his house-one cup, chair, apple, etc etc. In the end, he realizes that it’s awfully lonely to only have one of each of everything since you don’t have enough to share with anyone else. Sweet story about community!

The Last Stop on Market Street was the golden find this week. This one is going on our Christmas list! The illustrations are awesome, and it’s just a really beautiful awesome children’s book with a great message. I love the emphasis on family and serving others.

And that’s all I’ve got for now! Head over to Christina for more!

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